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The Hero's Pride Airtek Smartphone Case is made with a specialized 33E HP finish and uses 100% genuine leather providing lightweight comfort, durability and scratch resistance. The molded design for secures your cell phone in place and gives the user a quiet easy in/out access.

Hero's Pride AIR-TEK Open Medium Double Magazine Case

Hero's Pride AIR-TEK Open Medium Double Magazine Case. AIR-TEK™ provides safe yet speedy access to your sidearm with molded workmanship and the durable combination of leather and tech-permeated materials. Case also features a belt back-strap …

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Hero's Pride AIR-TEK Medium Single Mag or Knife Case

Hero's Pride AIR-TEK Medium Single Mag or Knife Case. Experience the secure and quiet access that AIR-TEK™ delivers with molded craftmanship and the durable combination of leather and tech-infused materials. Case also boasts molded back slots for more efficient belt insertion.

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The Hero's Pride Smart Phone Case was manufactured to function as the ideal approach to keep your cellular phone resistant to unintended trauma. A successful cellphone carrying case will greatly increase the life of your cellular phone. And thanks to the Hero's Pride Smart Phone Case, acquiring a high quality case for your cellphone hasn't ever been less difficult.

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This year over 65,000 industry professionals attended the 4-day tradeshow which was packed full of product demos, expert presentations, free swag and more. In addition to showcasing our AIRTEK ® and Ballistic duty gear brands, the Hero’s Pride team was excited to debut our new NARCAN ® Nasal Spray Cases.


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